As a world traveler, Kendyl was raised in New Jersey, studied in New Zealand, and spent seven years residing in Orange, Australia with her wine-maker husband, Andrew. While attending Le Cordon Bleu of Paris in Sydney, Kendyl was classically trained in the French traditions and techniques, later working alongside the highly respected Chef Matthew Kemp at Restaurant Balzac.  Before moving back to the states and settling in Wine Country, Kendyl and Andrew immersed themselves in a two-month culinary tour of Southeast Asia. 

These international experiences inspired and broadened Kendyl’s gastronomic palate. Her philosophy is to create an outstanding dining experience, highlighting the best qualities, flavors, and textures of California’s seasonal ingredients while recognizing the influences of her global travels.

Kendyl’s interest in food and cooking began at an early age. Immersed in the multi-cultural food experiences of the east coast, her fondest memories and earliest influences include helping her Grandma prepare holiday meals for her large Italian family. After graduating from college and working in Informational Technologies for five years, Kendyl listened to her heart and returned to her true passion: cooking.  

Upon settling in northern California, Kendyl worked under Chef Douglas Keane at Cyrus in Healdsburg. The opportunity to work with Chef Keane was invaluable, helping her to refine her skills and palate while recognizing the importance in using the highest quality and variety of regional ingredients. 

After Cyrus closed its doors in October 2012, Kendyl commenced at Stark’s Steakhouse in Santa Rosa. While at the steakhouse, Kendyl honed her butchering skills, mastered the cooking of local meats and seafood, and managed the dry-aging process. She left Stark’s to have her first child, Skye. 

Kendyl is inspired by the ambiance of wine country and brings to the table her love of cooking, her global, yet intimate, palate, and her reliance on local ingredients. Enjoy!